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Ever since I was little, the daughter of very creative parents, I was always making/creating things. Everything from arts and crafts to jewelry, and clothes (with my Fischer Price sewing machine) to food, imitating my dad, who could have been a chef. During an ambiguous time with limited information regarding career options, I chose to study Marketing, and specialize in Advertising. I intended to dive into the Creative side of the industry, but instead, accepted an Executive position to get in the door, which also allowed me to produce commercials, my favorite task then. Once at a big agency, running their biggest account, I realized it was a blessing in disguise to start in the Account Services department, where I absorbed information like a sponge, sharpened my organizational and communication skills, was the liason between Clients and Agency teams, and grew rapidly to the highest positions. I thrived as an Executive for nine years, focused on planning, production and budget management for Fortune 500 Clients. It was a sound foundation, and the icing on the cake was overseeing my account's Creative and Production teams, bringing me closer every day to my inner passions. I didn't mind living out of a suitcase, actually enjoyed the ongoing travel, but the best part was the amazing people I met along the way, some of which are friends for life. I was content, life was good, and then I was offered to be the first Managing/Membership Director of the new Latin Recording Academy (LARAS), as they were getting ready to launch the 1st Annual Latin GRAMMY® Awards and corresponding events, such as the Latin GRAMMY® Awards After-Party, Latin GRAMMY® Person of the Year (Emilio Estefan), GRAMMY® in the Schools, etc. Besides being an exciting offer, one which required my planning and production skills, it awakened my interest to produce large scale events, enter the Entertainment industry, and work on sponsorships. It also gave me the opportunity to travel to Latin America to recruit voting Recording Academy Members. It was an immeasurable experience. 


Then came an entrepreneurial opportunity I had only dreamed of, to open my own Advertising Agency, and finally focus solely on Creative and Production, benefited by my invaluable Account Services experience. Some previous Clients immediately jumped on board, and off we went to also pursue new ones. Per our Client's wishes, and now having an Event Production background, we expanded to also become a much needed Experiential Marketing Agency vs use third party vendors, as most Ad Agencies did at the time. I created and produced everything from TV and radio commercials to long-format broadcast, print and web campaigns to amazing promotional events, including, but not limited to, concerts, dance and fashion shows. I was finally a full-time Creative and Producer, focused on the work I loved most. And while I always, by nature, paid great attention to detail; I was able to refine my skills by working on THE gold standard Entertainment account for ten years, a company constantly raising the bar to new levels. It was an enormous amount of work with challenging deadlines, but an enjoyable hands-on experience, collaborating on everything from the Advertising and Experiential efforts to promote their Theme Parks, to producing internal events for their Cast Members. I simultaneously worked on some exciting personal projects, from the design of custom sculptures, to the interior design of our office; however, my busy work schedule always absorbed me, and fourteen years went by at the blink of an eye. Time sure flies when you're having fun and not sleeping enough! Our Agency had an extraordinary run, during which time I worked with great people, earned the creative recognition I was seeking, and won some prestigious awards, including a Summit International Creative Award for a beautiful logo I dreamed of and brought to life. It was now time to pursue my personal goals.


Some of the most exciting personal projects I worked on were those related to interior design, which I've been doing as a hobby for decades, and will some day pursue professionally. My Advertising Agency became famous for it's interior design and art, as I later found out from a Commercial Realtor, thanks to our landlord always showing potential buyers our space as their model, and bringing tentative tenants to our office to show them "just how creative they could get." My vision turned our building into a creative work place, attracting similar creative tenants, which was beyond exciting. My house also received many accolades for its interior design, and I'm stimulated to extend my vision to other properties. It's exhilarating to finally finish some creative projects I started years ago, such as my unique beaded heads, jewelry and photography, and begin new ones, including drawing and painting, something I had not done since I was in school. Throughout the years, I've also traveled around the world to learn about different cultures and landscapes. My passion for diverse art has blossomed into my latest pursuit, an irresistible desire to share and create unique crafts, and combine art with interior design, whenever possible.


Some people say I'm a dreamer... I am, but dreamers do, we don't just dream. I'm living proof.

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