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P.O. BOX 566

Tel: 760.965.0345


Tell me more, tell me more!

Who is the art piece for, and what is the special occasion? Is it for a milestone celebration, a wedding, birthday, anniversary, graduation, or just a special gift for an exceptional person? Is it in recognition of the outstanding performance of someone you admire? Or perhaps you wish to impress your peers with an original piece of art with your logo incorporated? Are you rewarding your MVPs, VIPs, clients, best customers, or an extra talented person in a specific field? Or maybe you just want some exquisite eye candy for yourself.


What type of unique art piece are you dreaming of? A sculpture, an award/trophy, a logo wall piece, or a lamp? Are you're seeking an extraordinary beaded head to display on its own, or holding an ethnic head piece? Or maybe you're exploring having a mixed media project or custom decal made? Tell us more so we can customize your project. To maximize productivity, we recommend having a budget parameter, whether it be firm or flexible.


Allow yourself to dream big or small. Click on ABOUT to learn more regarding the simple process, and for inspiring examples, click on ONE OF A KIND. Our goal is to help you create unique art for any occasion. The more information you provide, the more appropriate and accurate our recommendations will be.


If you prefer to purchase an extraordinary piece of existing art, just click on SHOP.

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Thank you! We will contact you within 24 to 48 hours to discuss the details of your project.

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