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Special people, whether it be family, friends or colleagues, can be recognized with custom art. Is there a better way to show your appreciation and good taste? Or perhaps, you're dreaming of a special piece of art for yourself (that's how I started).


Let's create an original piece of art together. Tell us about the recipient and why they deserve such an honor, and let's begin the creative process! A Certificate of Authenticity will also be provided.


Logos are also welcomed for corporate projects. If you already have an idea of what you are seeking, we're all ears. Otherwise, let's begin with a blank canvas, and see where we land.


Once we agree on the specifications, a basic sketch will be sent for approval, and can be revised, if you have specific feedback before the masterpiece is created. Are you dreaming of a unique bronze sculpture, centerpiece, award/trophy, wall art, lamp, or a corporate masterpiece featuring your logo? Are you seeking a one of a kind beaded head, jewelry or even a custom decal? 

You can commission art to be whatever your heart desires, the sky is the limit! We do from small to giant projects, your budget parameters will determine the size and complexity. Don't feel discouraged or overwhelmed by the idea of a custom piece if you are not the creative type, leave it to us to make you look good. We'll make the process turn-key. 

What is your dream piece of art? Let's make it happen.

Dreamers Do. We don't just dream.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.

                      - ALBERT EINSTEIN

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